You will receive an intuitively chosen heart shaped rose quartz crystal. 


Rose Quartz is a high vibrational crystal that  has long been associated with love and having it shaped in the form of a heart amplifies this energy even more. This stone aids in all expressions of love from self love to creating loving partnerships.  It is a wonderful helper for emotional healing of the heart anf helping you trust so you can find love again.  when it comes to love a rose quartz heart is the queen. 


To utilize their energy in your life carry them with you in your bra, pocket or purse, meditate with it, or place them in a room where it will get to interact with you often.


All crystals have been through a ritual that includes intention, sacred smoke, sound bath, and reiki before they are sent to there new homes.


** all other items in the photo are not included

Rose Quartz Love Crystal


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