I bring you this beautifully curated crystal combination set for balance, healing , & wholeness.

I personally intuitively created this combination of crystal to provide an extremely unifying vibration.  Each set was cleansed and cleared by ritual and infused with Reiki.


Included in each set:

- 6 inch Selenite plate - Cleanses all crystals placed upon it

- Black Shiva Lingam - for balance and protection

- Red Jasper - for energy and vitality

- Orange Kunzite - for chakra alignment and increasing intuition

- Yellow Aragonite - for manifesting & creativity

- Snake Skin Serpentine - for grounding and deepening your connection to the earth

- Blue Kyanite - for deepening your connection to spirit 

- Chevron Amethyst - Master healing stone

- Clear Quartz - to amplify the energy of the other stones

* Please note because each crystal is natural they are all different in shape and size so you may not receive the exact set pictured here. The one you receive will have the exact same stones and will be intuitively chosen for you by me.

High Vibration Crystal Set



    © 2018 Quinn Bouley @mindful_hookup

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