The Chakra Balance Ritual Kit was created by my hands and heart as an offering to you to achieve greater wellbeing. The ritual is very simple and can be performed in as little as 5 to 10 minutes. For maximum benefit I recommend you perform the ritual for 7 consecutive days and then just once a week after that. 

Every detail of this kit with the exception of the stones was handmade by me with an intention set to offer healing to all those who use it.


What's Included


* Each kit was infused by me with healing Reiki energy


* A double sided 5 x 7 Card with an art print on the front & complete instructions of my ritual on the back.


* ( 7) 3 x 4 Affirmations cards. One for each Chakra.


* 4 oz soy wax candle infused with bergamont essential oil in an amber glass jar with gold lid.


* 2 oz Chakra Balance spray with frankincense & gemstone pieces of Lapis Luzli, Rose Quartz, & Amethyst     in a spritz bottle.


* Muslin drawstring bag filled with 7 gemstones (one for each chakra)  & a paper showing stone placement.


Chakra Balance Ritual Kit


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