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L I V E  S A L E S

On Instagram

Offering you tools to aid
you on your spiritual journey

Live Sale
Day 1

Thursday 02/3/22
@ 7 pm Eastern

Live Sale
Day 2

Friday 02/04/22
@ 7 pm Eastern

Live Sale Guidelines

How To Join A Live Sale

*  To join a Live Sale simply click on my icon up in the story section of  Instagram when I am Live.  My story icon at that time will be lit up and say I'm Live.  Once you are in have fun, say hi, and feel free to claim items, or ask questions.  I can not see you but I can see any comments that you type.  You will be able to see and hear me and my space.  We love inviting new people to join our sales so please reach out if you have any questions after reading the guidelines.  If you are new to Live Sales you may feel nervous about doing one for the first time and we understand that so we try to be as warm and welcoming as possible.  The community in our live sales is amazing and so kind.  Anyone we feel is not being kind will be blocked.

How to Claim / Buy items During a Live Sale

I will show items on the table one at a time and then I will say the price of the item.  If the item is something you would like to purchase just comment the price. 

I will announce the name of the first person I see on my screen. The first person on my screen gets the item. Please note that the first person I see on my screen may not be the first person on yours. Everyone"s screen is different.

Your claim is your commitment to purchase. 


Paying For Your Claims

Within 24 after the Live Sale I will send a message to you on Instagram with a link to my website where you will pay.  Your listing will have your Instagram user name on it and when you open it up it will have a list of all your items.  Just add your listing to your shopping cart and checkout.  You may add other items from my website at the same time for a combined checkout. 

WE ASK THAT YOU CHECK OUT WITHIN 24 HOURS  OF RECEIVING YOUR LISTING.  If you have an issue and need to make other arrangements just reach out to us and we will do what we can to help you.  Failure to pay or contact us for an alternative plan will result in you getting blocked.

Payment Plans

At checkout we offer several payment options.  Afterpay & Sezzle let you make payments while receiving your items right away. They don't charge interest or fees for purchases. I suggest signing up for an account on their websites prior to the Live Sale so you can see what your  spending limit with them is.  We also accept credit cards & paypal.

Shipping Policy

US order ship over $100 ship for free. all other shipping prices are based on weight and calculated at checkout.

We ship internationally and price is based on weight.